The Voice Homeless Youth in Connecticut.


During the 2015 Youth Count, 3,000 youth were identified as homeless in Connecticut. Over 40% indicated that they had no permanent place to live for over a year, and 30% of females indicated they were pregnant or parenting. Each of these individuals has a story to share about their life and struggle with homelessness.

These are the voices of two individuals who have struggles and are struggling with youth and young adult homelessness in Connecticut.

The Voice of the LGBTQ Youth Homeless Community.

25% of literally homeless youth identify as LGBTQ, and one in every five transgender individuals struggle with homelessness at some point in their lives. Their struggle is often unique in that their loss of housing may be the result of LGBTQ discrimination by their family, and Trans individuals often face the additional barrier within the homeless system because of gender-specific housing.

This is the voice a member of the New York Trans Community, Ryan, who struggled with Youth Homelessness.

Hidden in Plain Sight Media Toolkit

#UnseenStudents Report and Media Toolkit

This Media Toolkit includes sample social media posts, newsletter blurbs, and other materials to help make it simple and easy for organizations to share data and information on youth homelessness. It also includes image, statistics, and other research that can help you build your campaign around youth homelessness.